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tv   [untitled]    July 20, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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but from below to show the real headlines with none of mercy if you live in washington d.c. now today we'll take another look at a phone hacking scandal that engulfed a news corp including before murdoch's testimony to the british parliament yesterday was that performance the real end of his career robert greenwald the brain in film stories that's also yet another statement by a u.s. official has been found to be blatantly wrong so we're going to tell you what it is when we speak with glenn greenwald and aaron swartz has been arrested for
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downloading millions of documents from jay store on mit's network and could face up to thirty five years in prison we're going to speak about the debate over open access but first let's take a look at what the mainstream media has decided to miss. a g.o.p. presidential candidate michele bachmann is served to the number two spot in a new poll right behind mitt romney and just like all the presidential campaigns this one's getting dirty anonymous former bachmann staffer told the daily caller that michele bachmann suffers from migraines and what do you know the mainstream media has just gone absolutely crazy over it. is surging in the polls but consider your migraines affect michele bachmann's ability to lead a sort of bachmann campaign this is a first big challenges and it's evidence of what happens when you jump up into the top range of these all these polls this story gain some traction after anonymous bachmann aides detailed years of my agrees to the conservative web site the daily
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caller is. already here's my issue with this yes obviously canada's health is important if we find out that they may not be fit to serve as president of the united states but michele bachmann is not the official nominee at this point we haven't gotten to the point where health records are released as they always are of presidential campaigns so why are we freaking out over this right now if anybody bothered to figure out who this former staffer is whether maybe they might be working for an opponent of bachmann's that would be something wouldn't tell america bloggers are part of that there's some speculation that this could have been dropped by tim paul and his camp but they don't know for sure but the point is here that nobody knows for sure what the truth is yet i know it's already breaking news that's the headline of the day on every channel and it's being discussed nonstop. why don't we cover something that we know happened something for which there is tangible proof something that actually matters of this boy because it shows a greater try and in our society yesterday route one hundred fifty people gathered
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to protest in dolores park in california's bay area thirty five of them were arrested. protesters tangled with certain francisco police on the street your work is. what officers are why you're slightly cooler over the sidewalk the difference trader said that's what police started making arrests about three dozen bison there. and they are protesting over the shooting of kenneth wade hardy nineteen year old who was shot and killed on saturday after he allegedly fired two officers today officials said that the gunshot residue was found on the man's hand which could indicate that he had fired that gun so we're still waiting for those details but this is another example of what's going on in california's bay area and the frustration between civilians and police i don't forget about the case of oscar grant or the case of charles hill both men who were fatally shot by police grant had no weapon on him he allegedly was drunk and had
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a knife but regardless the shoot to kill trend is a perfect sign the brutality of police in this country and that community specifically so the case of kenneth lay harding is just another sore spot now whether he fired a gun or not it's a sign of the rift that's been created the mistrust between civilians and their supposed protectors of social upheaval this is something that people obviously feel passionate about to go out and protest but it's something of the mainstream media as happiness. well yesterday the world watched as rupert murdoch and his son james testified before the british parliament's culture media and sports select committee about that phone hacking scandal that's now engulfed murdoch's media empire and when it came to questions about whether or not murdoch had any idea of the wrongdoing that was going on in news of the world but we heard
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a lot knows that you're also you know as they should investigate this. you know can you explain what. it is. so. now part of murdoch's defense is that he employs fifty three thousand people around the world how could he possibly know what all of them are doing but again for a man who holds a behavior size grasp on the british media should know better those are the questions that are being asked as everyone speculates on the future of news corp so how's it going to end for murdoch will the almighty fall from grace or got already how can yesterday when somebody tried to ply him. oh. so humble day for the old man and the orc we also say about the media coverage of
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these hearings and the scandal overall joining me to discuss this is the founder and president of brave new films robert greenwald robert thank you so much for joining us tonight now before we get into some of these details i want to play a clip of the first words that we heard from rupert murdoch's now. this is good humble. thank you. i thought a lot of snarky comment put about way all over twitter yesterday there but he was watching this live but what do you think we learned about a rupert murdoch the man yesterday. well i got a lot of comments on my twitter feed my facebook page hit on our websites i think we learned a lot and i don't know where you don't want to take four hours to talk about everything we learned first of all just think about it this is the language he didn't start by saying i'm sorry he didn't start by saying we've done
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a terrible thing he didn't start by saying i will correct this he said it was the most humble day it was life i would hope when he came out earth was leading a more humble day then yesterday it was for him but we also saw throughout the hearing so true out the testimony both he and his son essentially ducking any of the answers of substance that have to be asked and the questions that have to be questioned hopefully it will increase the pressure to have hearings in the united states but what do you think are those are those questions of substance they need to be asked and you know we need an answer for. well you know this is a series of them first of all it's the question of what they know when the know it how to big deal which they essentially duck around secondly who authorized significant numbers of dollars thirdly this is a top down company as we found out what we did out far you know they create memos
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written memos telling their new st paul what to respond to and how to respond it's impossible to believe that a company who's lost sixty percent of its value and it's stark is not our mccain and the head people are not he focused on this and then to go on what about the payoffs what about paying the legal bills for people who've been convicted of crimes what about the fact that the lawyers they've engaged asked them for permission to speak to the press so that they could clarify things and they were and they refused that mission what's gone on in the united states you know the list goes on and on and there are the lawsuits there are the lawsuits from stockholders who are suing them now about paying too much six hundred seventy five million dollars for his daughter's company and then michael tomasky has a very good piece of the daily beast in a piece today talking about the fact that in fact there is legal action be taken
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against murdoch well there definitely seems to be a lot of a lot of shady dealings there a lot of goings on that we haven't quite gotten all of the poll details about but yes there were payoffs here there were people who think we ignored the problem didn't want to investigate it and the same time we keep hearing people say that well we knew this was going on for years but for some reason when it was celebrity phone calls or our phones that were being hacked that wasn't a big deal until finally it was something they could put on the heartstrings of everybody was a young girl who had gone missing and turns out was murdered but why isn't it ok all this time. well i don't think it's ok i think it's a question you know we live in a culture of tension deficit disorder culture how do you get people's attention number one and then you know people certainly around the world are suffering with profound problems in terms of daily life they're willing to take care of their family or make a living so they're not so concerned about policy the way you and i might be and
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others might be concerned about survival hacking that dead girl's phone machine really got to people and understood here is a corporation that would stop at nothing and it kind of became the poster child for get their day eight here and now they began to understand and ask questions so i will admit this is the same corporation that every single one of his newspapers were leading the charge to war in iraq which was a war that resists started in you know thousands and thousands of being people being killed this is the same corporation that is the communications are of the tea party and you know it goes on but this is the symbol of and this terrible thing that they did this young girl's phone answering machine has allowed people to focus and to ask the questions now it's all of our job to make sure that it's understood this is what happens with media consolidation this is what happens one man one
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corporation dominating the media and intimidating the politicians in britain and in the united states and i think you know you hit upon a point there what is the sense there unfortunately this is what the readers this is what audiences want it is well perhaps an escape from some of their real problems they've been murdoch or tell you that this was just a business and that's why because they are being successful so whether or not obviously there is an investigation launched by the f.b.i. into whether some of this was going on here in the u.s. regarding nine eleven victims but do you think that these hearings that we're having these investigations are actually going to bring any of these practices to a halt or maybe ten years from now is the u.s. media culture going to be just as tabloid as it is in the u.k. right now. well depends on what time it b.s. question would not meet up to mr mordecai statistic mode but i think that certainly in the u.k. there are going to be a series of the best occasions there are going to be substantive there was an
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inquiry today that released a report saying that the murdoch's refusing to cooperate with it which will keep the pressure on and i think they're in for several years over there as they get back country it will definitely help change policy and the obscene connection between the elected officials and the news corp the dinners that dining this it's the families you know giving money up and backed all of that i think will unravel what i hope will happen though is using this example it will come to the united states it will be investigations and people will begin to understand that in many ways rupert murdoch has had more effect on their lives than any of our presidents his ideology his conservative belief his using his newspapers and television to aggressively advocate that's something that has taken a toll on all of course and on all of our media and therefore on the whole of our
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democracy well speaking of going to his newspapers advocating for things the wall street journal penne day and unsigned our bed last sunday essentially coming in a bit of this into a defense about themselves saying that it's not fair that every news corp journalist now falls under this umbrella they attack the new york times the guardian they attack pro publica and they it happened by comparing this phone hacking scandal to wiki leaks saying how dare those organizations that publish documents made public by wiki leaks actually have something to say here what do you think of that comparison. well i think if mr murdoch or any one of his entities is signing your paycheck you really need to think very long and very carefully before you go out and hurt the values that newspapers and journalists are grown up with those you know sadly many journalists ones over there and here and some who work at the various decent newspapers have had their integrity question and compromise and
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it's going to take a while for that to be restored if it's going to restore what one would hope that some of the reporters at the wall street journal would adhere to the great tradition of that newspaper and go out and investigate i can't imagine that happening but i would hope that were so maybe they're just trying to cover their own backs because journalists don't best get anymore if they now have to depend on making leaks to disclose many stories and so in essence they're just trying to bring the blame all the way back or out of the vicious circle robber going on thank you so much for joining us tonight my pleasure. well still to come from a fairly u.f.o. after the hacktivist group anonymous of the details only records and a lot of the mainstream media continue to push the accurate facts about our voice kyra to dive into the topic of a special guest salon dot com glenn greenwald. internet
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only or military mechanisms if you don't work to bring justice or accountability. i have every right to know what my government's doing i want to know why i pay taxes . but i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then he glimpse something else you hear see some other part of it and realize that everything is ok if you don't i'm trying hard look at the big picture. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right here that.
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i think rock the bombing eatable and one well. we never got the book says luther king from safely get ready to give them their freedom. for fuel.
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we now have more proof of the government making moves to try and stop the hacktivist group anonymous right here in the u.s. we reported to you earlier this year that hackers were arrested in spain on suspicion of having ties to the organization but they were all released because the author already could not find substantial evidence to tie them to the crimes but it does seem and the teenagers are somehow becoming the persons of interest in these incidents they were they were a short while back when ryan cleary was arrested on suspicion of being linked to the activists and that's something they both laws like an anonymous a vehemently deny on twitter but yesterday the u.s. justice department and the f.b.i. arrested at fourteen people who they believe to be members of anonymous and are tied to the cyber attack of pay pal's web site the f.b.i. went to six different locations yesterday in long island and bronx brooklyn to find all of the suspected individuals they also obtained computers files and documents
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from the places that they raided and if you remember a lot of us went after pay pal and several credit card companies after they blocked access to wiki leaks donations and honest has also taken credit for defacing websites shutting down servers and scrawling messages across the green zone web why are those raids ok back to the teenagers a mom whose home was raided yesterday left an account on the web site reddit dot com and it's set around eleven this morning i had four cars and a van filled with f.b.i. agents pull up to my house and then invade the woman tells other agents have guns drawn their entire time and. the computers the home of the post continued when i finally got to sit down and talk to them they said that packets were sent from our i s p address during the video as an attack on pay pal they said my son that was responsible he was thirteen at the time they sat down with both of us and asked about our involvement with anon ops and the testimony on reddit went on to say why
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would they spend all this time energy and funds to get a kid who was just trying to be cool following on without knowing any of the consequences what do i do to protect ip look at i expect they seized two computers that was of course the mother statement but just below that is your f.b.i. tax dollars at work rounding up thirteen year olds who might have helped anonymous disrupt service to pay pal i'm betting these arrests are going to slow down on either i'm guessing they're just going to lead to more hyping cases but one thing is for sure the f.b.i. is stepping up their campaign to take down anonymous so it looks like it's becoming an all out battle between the hacktivists and the authorities. now today the u.s. led nato coalition in afghanistan handed over control of the capital of helmand province to the afghan army one of the first places in the country to go through this transition process to get out of the country by two thousand and fourteen that obama has pledged but is this transition it really is smooth as we're made to
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believe as the u.s. left the afghan army prepared or does it leave behind forces too weak for the job that they've been given it's of the concerns about the new guard but jason lot like discover the reality from a better perspective within the ranks of. there's confusion on the faces of the afghan army soldiers as a firefight unfolds on the other side of the wall lucky for them this is the kabul military training center in the boards being fired blanks the men here halfway through a ten week program and the officers don't cut the many slack when it's over they'll be deployed eastern come to our province one of afghanistan's most violent corners what. we must push them hard so they can perform under pressure the very day we're making progress the afghan national army has already come a long way its ranks of swollen to about one hundred seventy thousand troops thanks to fresh waves of recruits attracted by higher wages and extra perks the soldiers insist they are all united in their desire to beat back the taliban led insurgency regardless of age or ethnicity then in your mind we are old brothers and we are all
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called by one mean hard by a call of duty is also struck a chord beyond able bodied males a first ever class of women soldiers has just graduated. and there's even the mujahideen unit made up of our them veterans and anti-civil jihad this is all good news to u.s. military planners who have sent two thousand and fourteen to hand over security responsibilities to the afghans the afghan army enjoys a much better reputation in the police force has even been featured in the recent movie. but is the army takes greater responsibility for security around the country there are concerns of the quality of troops maybe something at the expense of quality starters more than eighty percent of troops are literally a big problem with the ability to read maps and numbers can spell the difference between life and death adding to the was a widespread drug use and desertions today roughly one in four combat soldiers quit their post critics also point out that the military leadership is made up of many
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rival ex warlords who still command loyalties along regional their slick lines could drag the country deeper into conflict as the u.s. begins to scale back its role as custodian this summer there are concerns that these divisions may flare up if i start usually. each of. the groups. still has much to. call them. this june john brennan obama's counterterrorism advisor claimed that in the past year there hasn't been a single collateral death because of the exceptional per fish and sea and precision of the capabilities that we've been able to develop and that was when speaking about u.s. drone strikes in pakistan now it's anybody that follows our ever expanding war on terrorism that statement seems a little too good to be true and what do you know it was this week the bureau of
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investigative journalism released a report that since august of two thousand and ten they have uncovered at least ten individual attacks in which forty five or more civilians appear to have and that's a conservative estimate thing is it's also isn't the first time that a u.s. officials made a claim that under further investigation turned out to be completely false think back to the interview that we did with investigative reporter gareth porter who found that when general petraeus claimed last year that his rates have been a spectacular success over thirteen hundred taliban have been captured well he failed to mention the more than ninety percent of those captured been released within days and found to be nothing more than innocent civilians or think back to when general john allen who's just taken over the war in afghanistan from the tray is so it's of members of congress that violence in the country is that five percent or lower so far this year than last well u.n. report shredded that statement when they found the violence is in fact fifty one percent since this time last year so it's become a pattern and all too familiar story of lies peddled by minute military and administration officials that neither members of congress nor the mainstream media
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question and it's allowing our war in the world to keep on growing so joining me to discuss that is going green wall from salon dot com glenn thanks so much for joining us tonight now like i said this is not the first time that we've seen something like this happen but let's talk about this specific report that basically shreds john brennan statements i know that you spoke to chris would be conducted how did they get this information. what was so interesting about it was when when john graham had made his statement it was actually a statement that had been repeated by numerous officials in washington over the course of the last several months and everybody knew that it was completely thaws when they said it in part because public reports make clear almost on a daily basis that civilians are killed as part of the straits but with this group it was they wanted to be very systematic about proving with also the of these claims and so they basically scoured public sources they had discussions with
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people who were on the scene and was the earth to him and they only documented the ones that they could definitively confirms the point or they could actually name them by name and they were able to confirm forty five civilian deaths during the period when brennan said there were none and what they said was they're actually almost certainly far more than just the forty five of those are the ones they could document using is very conservative methodology and you know i can imagine that it's not so often that you have the exact a list of names of people that are all hurt when you comes to these these drone strikes and civilian deaths so it must be a conservative estimate but let's get down then to the heart of this problem which is why when we have public reports coming out that document the possibility docking of the fact that there are deaths why doesn't anybody question that why doesn't the mainstream media question it why don't the lawmakers who sit there on capitol hill and have hearings and speak face to face with these generals and these advisers while they asking us questions.
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one hundred two reasons one is that it is true that these tribal areas that was there are standard very dangerous and there's almost nobody who's actually on the scene to document what happens after the drums hit there are local villagers and pakistani officials in these areas who say that civilians are killed but of course our media disregards anyone who is an american or especially villagers in the areas that we bomb and so it's very difficult to get firsthand reporting from the scene from abeam is that claims from american military officials whereby they simply call everybody they kill militants basically the definition of a militant at this point is some of the united states kills and her own attack is the only thing on that ever makes it into the american establishment media and on which politicians can rely there have been some very interesting reports of the last week there's a photo journalist who actually is on the scene and was here is and has been for the past three years he's been photographing the aftermath of these drone strikes
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and he says that there are more civilians then pakistani made and american officials admit i've been killed have actually been killed in that it's radicalizing area and that in fact for every fifteen people we kill maybe we kill one militants but the real reason it doesn't get much attention from the american political media closet because we don't really care we being the american political media class doesn't really care who we care what civilians we care we don't keep track of our victims we don't talk very much about the cost of the lives that we extinguish through our military attacks we simply don't care we care about the cost to us we care about the financial cost the cost to our service members but in reality the death of foreigners in the american military kills has never been something prominently featured in political discourse in the united states i'm happy to imagine actually because another story that nobody seems to care about was jeremy scahill from the nation had a report on cia secret sites in somalia that you know as you documented to none of the main. stream cable networks even touched that story until finally for some
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reason joe scarborough for morning joe decided to wake up yesterday and bring him on the story but i'm also curious to see the l.a. times decided then to ignore scales reporter than to report on something that they heard from anonymous u.s. military officials about the growing threats the growing ties between al shabaab in somalia between al qaeda in the radio peninsula in yemen do you think that that may have been a plant that was something that was specifically being sold to the l.a. times after jeremy scahill report. i don't think there's any question in the spearman scale reporters are interesting because it really reveals the fundamental divide between independent journalism i.e. real journalism and united states and government subservient journalism which is basically most of what takes place in the media that's owned by the nation's largest corporations and jeremy scahill went to mogadishu uninvented for nine days a very dangerous thing to do and dug around on his own and found out about the
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existence of the cia secret prison that no private media had reported previously in response rather than picking up on his story or discussing the very serious implications legally and in terms of human rights in the fact that president obama is maintaining a secret prison by proxy through control of the somalis what they did instead was they just ran to the cia or the cia ran to them and fed them information that the cia wanted disseminated in response to scales report and rather than scrutinize it or investigate whether it was true or even provide both sides they simply recycled it mindlessly so you had c.n.n. claiming without even mentioning the scales report that it had discovered on its own momos that the cia was helping the somalis interview one or two detainees who had an a.b.c. news report that just printed the cia the miles which are patently false and then you have this l a times report that clearly was picked.


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